What's New: 5 Fresh Songspace Features

You told us what you wanted, and we built it! Here are 5 new ways to get the most out of your Songspace song pages.

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1. Upload Lyrics From Word Docs

It's now easy to upload lyrics to your song pages. Just drag and drop lyrics from most word documents, text files, etc.

2. Share a link to a song page

You can quickly share a private link to your song page. Just copy the link and paste it in an email, IM, or anywhere else.

3. Upload WAVS, get MP3s out

A fan favorite! When you upload lossless files like WAVs or .AIFFs, Songspace automatically creates a duplicate MP3 for you to share or download. MP3s are automatically tagged with title, credits, and lyrics from your Songspace page.

4. Share a download link to a specific recording

Sometimes you just need to get someone a file, and nothing else. Well, it's easy to share a link to a specific recording. That link allows the viewer to play and download the file -- and they have the option of downloading the original (WAV or lossless file if you're sassy) OR an MP3 version with metadata from your page.

5. Add Song Notes & Documents to Song Pages

Now you can add notes for collaborators or shared team members, and add any documents that might be related to the song, like a photo of the lyrics, charts, or anything else. These notes and documents are private -- viewable only by others shared on the song.

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