What's New on Songspace This Week

Songspace just keeps getting better. Today we released a number of new features you've been asking for. Here's the lowdown:

Universal Player

Click play on any song in your catalog today and you'll "experience the upgrade." A new universal player makes listening to music on Songspace easier, with no interruptions.

How it Works:

1) Press play, start browsing:

2) Check your play queue to see what’s coming next:

Catalog Updates

The catalog is now easier to use. Here's what's new:

Folder headers got a refresh:


Actions in the catalog are also more intuitive.

Double-click anywhere on a song to edit:

...or click on the song title

Right click for more options:

Share individual songs right from the catalog:

Rollover to get a quick view of the writers on individual songs:

Mobile-Friendly Song Pages & Playlists

Playlists and song pages look slick and are even more mobile-friendly when shared.