What's New for February

Happy February!

We're starting this month off with a bang. Yep, Songspace for Business just got even better. Here's how.

1. Going Solo: Songspace for Individual Businesses

(Now individuals can upgrade to business to create and share as many catalogs as they need.)

There's no more 2 user minimum!

Going solo? We're cool with it. That’s right, now anyone can upgrade to a business plan for just $15 a month. Individual users can now get great pitch history management features, unlimited catalogs (see below!), and the ability to be added as a guest member to another business catalog. And of course you can always add additional users as your team grows.

2. Introducing Team Catalogs

What were Catalog Accounts are now the much easier to manage Team Catalogs, and you can create an unlimited number of them. What we're most excited about is that they no longer cost your subscription a “seat.” You can create as many as you need at no additional cost.

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3. Improved Admin Panel

Managing your account has never been smoother. We made some updates to make the Admin Panel a bit cleaner, and it's now easier to add users, seats, songs, and team catalogs. Go ahead, take it for a test drive.

4.Now in Beta: Guest Catalog Members

Now you can add “guest” members who aren’t a part of your organization as catalog members. This feature is still in beta, but if there's a person you work with (like an attorney or artist manager) who has their own Songspace for Business subscription, they can now be added as members with access to your catalogs.

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