Using Tracked Links

Business and Pro users can now use Songspace to send private playlists and songs links, and then track when people listen and download.

From any song or playlist, create a unique link, assign a contact, and then track activity.

Watch a Video:

How It Works

1: Click the Share Button

For a single song

From your catalog, right click on any single song, or from the song edit, find the share button in the top right corner or from the 'Sharing' tab. This will open the 'Share Link' modal.

For a folder playlist

From the dropdown from the folder title, choose 'Share Folder,' or click on the 'Sharing' tab to find the 'Share' button.

From the 'Share Link' modal, choose the 'Tracked Link' option. If you want the user to have the option of downloading files, make sure the 'Allow File Download' option is selected.

3: Assign a Contact

Type the name of the person you want to associate to this unique link. If the person is already in your contacts, choose them from the type ahead option. If not, create a new contact. Songspace will add this person to your contacts.

4: Copy and Send

Copy the link to your clipboard, click 'Done,' and then past it into an email, IM, text, or any other messaging platform.

5: Start Tracking Activity

From the sharing section of the song or folder, find the 'Link Activity.'