Taking a Songspace Test Drive

Starting a Songspace pilot? Here are the 7 things you should do first.

1. Listen To Some Tunes

From the catalog, click play on one of the songs. It’s a super simple, but key feature. One of the reasons so many teams are making the switch from iTunes is that Songspace makes listening to music in your catalog easy from any computer or phone - no matter where you are.

2) Check out a song project

From the catalog, double click on a song title to open it. Song projects help your team archive recordings, lyrics, files, credits, and other related information in one place.

Every song project has a corresponding song page, which can shared with anyone to showcase the elements of the song you choose.


3) Import a recording from Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube

You can use Songspace to embed recordings from other platforms. When you’re in a song project, click the + button to open the add recordings modal. Click YouTube or Spotify, search for a recording, and then add it to the Song Project.

Click add, and then ‘Done.’ Find the video on the project and click play. Nifty, eh?


4) Upload your own recordings to create new song projects

Find a few recordings from your hard drive and upload them to Songspace by dragging the files directly onto the catalog.


Once the recordings are uploaded and processed, follow the steps to create new song projects.

5) Create a new playlist folder

Playlist folders help you manage manage your catalog, and they each have corresponding playlist pages you can share with anyone via a private link.

Create a new playlist folder from the NEW menu.

Then drag some songs into the playlists.

Select more than one song at a time by clicking shift + select. You can add the same songs to multiple playlist folders.


6)Add songs from a parent catalog

Now take it a step further. Songspace gives you the ability to share playlist song projects and playlist folders across your team, which means you can grab songs from your company’s catalog and use them use in your own unique playlists. Give it a shot. Open a folder in the parent catalog and then add them to one of your own playlists.


From your playlist, grab a link. Choose ‘Tracked Link’ to create a unique link and keep track of plays, downloads, and page views.

(Heads up! This video has audio...)


Bonus! Some other neat things to try

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