Copyright Royalty Board Announces Ruling

Pay Up? The Copyright Royalty Board ruled yesterday that starting January 1, 2016, and effective through 2020, Pandora and other Internet radio stations must pay rights holders 17 cents per 100 plays of a song. That's an increase, albeit small, from the previous 14 cents per 100 plays.

SoundExchange declared that "the rates set by the CRB do not reflect a market price for music and will erode the value of music in our economy." The digital rights organization was pushing to raise it to 25 cents per 100 plays. Pandora was hoping for a drop to 11 cents, though CEO Brian McAndrews called it "a balanced rate that we can work with and grow from." The ruling provides the internet service more leeway to make deals directly with labels and publishers. In the past few weeks it has announced agreements with Sony/ATV Publishing, SONGS Music Publishing, and Warner/Chappell Publishing.

Ryan Faughnder from Los Angeles Times wrote a great breakdown of the ruling. Read it here.

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