July 2016 Product Improvements

Released 7/5/16

New Features

Our primary release this week was Moving Folders. Moving and deleting folders has consequences, so we also improved messaging to let you know exactly what will happen when you delete or move a folder.

Style / Other Improvements

  • Publishing Scenarios are now called Publishing Agreements.
  • Publishing Agreements are now called Administration Agreements.
  • Changes to our modal design when creating a song, playlist or a pitch.

Released 7/18/16

New Features

Our primary release this week was the Bulk Editor. We've upgraded the Song Bulk Editor and the File Bulk Editor.

Song Bulk Editor

  • Completely new style.
  • Add or Replace Writers.
  • Add or Replace Tags & Genres.
  • Add or Replace Stories.
  • Add or Replace Images.
  • Set Creation Date.
  • Make Song Projects Public/Private.
  • Edit Titles and Lyrics.

File Bulk Editor

  • Completely new style.
  • Replace all Metadata

To learn more about how to use the new Bulk Editor, click here.

Pitching is Here!

Of all the feature suggestions we've heard from our users this past year, pitching is by far the most requested.

Well, today we’re proud to release a full suite of pitching tools designed to dramatically improve the way individuals and teams track and manage pitches. If you’re a member of a pro or business subscription, you now have access to what we humbly consider to be the best music pitching platform in the world. Woohoo!

Here's what you can do with Songspace Pitching

  • Create a record that includes the recipient, project, and any related notes each time you send a song or playlist.

  • Track activity with analytics on views, plays, and downloads for each pitch. 

If you're a part of a business subscription, you can:

  • View your your pitch history and filter by specific songs, recipients, songwriters, artists, projects, or a fixed date-range.

  • See the company history of any song in the catalog, so you know how many times the song has been pitched, and to whom.

  • See the company's history with any contact, so you know which songs someone has previously been sent, and can get a feel for how they react to certain types of music or artists.

  • Instantly run pitch reports for songwriters or artists to let them know which of their songs you've pitched over a certain period of time.

What it means for you

While most of this release involves a completely new addition to the platform, we did make a few tweaks to some existing features. Here's what you need to know.

1. Tracked Links are now a part of Pitching.

If you want to create a tracked link to a song or playlist, click the Pitch button. You can still grab a simple link by clicking Share.

Once you click Pitch, creating a tracked link works the same way as it has.

2. Your pitch history looks different.

We migrated old tracked link records to the new pitch format, which includes additional fields like company and project.

Old tracked link view vs. new pitching format

This means your old pitches might look a little empty. Don’t worry! All of your old information is still there.

You can update your past records by clicking the Details button on the pitch preview.

3. 'Download All' stats have been corrected.

If you've been using Songspace to track activity on your playlist pages, this is a minor change you should be aware of. Starting today, when someone clicks Download All on a tracked pitch playlist, each individual song will reflect download stats relative to their associated recordings.

We used to count a Download All event as a single download, which was somewhat misleading. Some of you rightly pointed out that downloading an entire playlist should be reported on the song level as well.

Your past stats have been updated to reflect these changes.

How It Works

Creating a Pitch

To create a pitch, just click the Pitch button from any song or playlist.


Managing and Tracking Activity

Manage your pitch history from the new Pitching section, or from the Sharing tab of the respective song or playlist. Click on the details section to edit past pitches or view analytics for tracked links.


Searching and Filtering the Pitch History

If you're a part of a business subscription, you can search and filter your pitch history to drill down pitches by sender, recipient, songwriter, etc.

Want to learn more about how pitching works? Check out these articles for more in-depth explanations.

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