Bob Dylan's Mythical Private Archive Is Real

The New York Times reports that Bob Dylan's legendary private archive is real and has been purchased for $15-20 million by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The vast collection (6,000 pieces!) includes lyrics, notes, recordings, contracts, correspondence and other items (i.e. a business card from Otis Redding!). It will be housed at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK, right down the street from the new Woody Guthrie Center.

Sounds like Bob could have used Songspace to organize his files! Read the full story on the Times' website.

"Give Fans the Credit"

“As a producer and songwriter for many Motown Records hits, I was privileged to work with The Funk Brothers, Motown’s legendary session band. But fans who listen to those songs on digital players don’t even see their names. Let’s “Give Fans the Credit”—not just for songwriters like me, but for so many talented musicians who made the Motown sound what it is.” - Lamont Dozier for "Give Fans the Credit"

The GRAMMY Foundation's "Give Fans the Credit" campaign seeks to let online music listeners know who wrote, produced and played on their favorite tracks by crediting all music creators for their work on digital platforms. Dozier, T Bone Burnett, and Jimmy Jam are all ambassadors for the program.

Learn more about it here.

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