Shared With Me Updates

Shared With Me got a facelift for 2016!

Many of you told us you wanted to use Shared With Me as an "Inbox" for new music. Thanks to your input, we re-imagined and made some changes, just released today.

Shared With Me is now a place where you can preview all incoming music and decide whether or to add it to your catalog for future reference, or to discard it.

Here's What's New

1) Now it’s easier to see who shared what. And when.

2) Playlist folders shared with you now appear in your Shared With Me list as items. Open them to preview individual songs.


3) For full edit or view access to songs or playlist folders, move them out of Shared With Me and add them to My Songs.


Here's How It Works

1) When music is shared with you, you'll get a notification. Go to your Shared With Me directory to see a full list of what's been shared with you.

2) From Shared with Me, you can listen to or preview any song or playlist. Songs or playlist you haven’t yet previewed are marked as new.

3) Drag or click the Add to My Songs button to move music to your catalog. Click the trash icon to discard whatever you don't need to save.