Introducing Advanced Search

Search No Further!

Users with PRO or Business subscriptions can now modify and filter catalog searches by a variety of fields. Filter by co-writer, creation date, publisher, and more.

Advanced search also allows you to include several search terms at once, allowing you to broaden or narrow your results. Simply type in your desired keywords to one or more of the modifier boxes to find exactly what you're looking for.

How it Works:

1) In your catalog, click on the "Advanced" button inside of the search bar.

2) Choose which category(s) you want to search in: Metadata, Lyrics, Story, or your choice between Creation Date, Date Added, and Date Modified.

3a) Type in your desired keywords into the search bar to search through your entire catalog using your selected category(s).

3b) To get even more specific, click on the Writer, Tag, Genre, Publisher, Label, or Artist boxes to narrow your search by those categories.