Required Reading: "10,929,203 Streams on Spotify = $56,329.35"

"I was at a mixer recently here in Nashville with over 200 songwriters and artists in the room, all of them making significant money through micro-licensing to indie films and small to mid-size brands. Money they had no way of making five years ago. These songwriters and artists represent a class and generation that has thrown away the old rules of the music business and begun writing the new ones. One of those new rules is to embrace streaming on all platforms, from Spotify to Youtube, and more. They’ve re-thought their businesses (yes, they are businesses) and the deals they choose to sign through the prism of a “Post-Napster” perspective. And they are making a living that simply was not possible five years ago. These are the true success stories."

Read more from singer/songwriter and Sorted Noise partner Josh Collum on his blog, Rethinking the Music Experience (And Business).