Apple Music to Exclusively Stream Taylor Swift Live Film

They're Exclusive: News arrived yesterday that Taylor Swift and Apple Music have agreed to a deal that gives the streaming service exclusive rights to her upcoming concert film, shot a few weeks ago during her performance at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia. The announcement follows last week's rumblings that Spotify will start allowing some artists to keep their music off of its freemium tier. Spotify's current "all or nothing" stance was one of the reasons Swift didn't stream her latest release, 1989, via the service. The New York Times has the full story. Read More

Troy Carter: "The music industry has been through a lot."

"The difficult part is, the music industry has been through a lot. We know we hear the horror stories about ‘these guys are litigious’ and you know, ‘they’re dinosaurs’… a lot of the guys who run music labels really get a bad rap. What the technology industry and some of the press isn’t sensitive to is what Napster did to not just to the industry, but to the families. I’m watching people lose their jobs, their kids having to be taken out of the schools that they go to." Troy Carter has worked with the likes of Read More


The last 15 years have been a wild ride, but the dust is finally starting to settle, and we’re on the brink of a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable music business. ATN is a series of Q&As with some of the best and brightest minds in the music business regarding the changes they are experiencing and the steps they are taking to adapt. We interview influential artists and songwriters, as well as leaders from labels, management teams, publishers, and streaming services to hear what they think it takes for us to come together to build a faster, Read More

Pandora and SONGS Sign Multi-Year Licensing Deal

"Now is the time to move past the over-regulation of songwriter rights and towards a market-based approach to streaming music,” said SONGS Music Publishing founder and CEO Matt Pincus. “This agreement is a big step forward in a long conversation about fair and equitable compensation for all songwriters and publishers. I value Pandora's commitment to treating all songwriters and publishers equally and look forward to a new chapter with them." Pandora and SONGS Music Publishing, home to artists such as The Weeknd, Lorde, and Diplo, have agreed to a multi-year licensing deal, perhaps further indication that the internet radio service Read More

Kendrick Lamar Leads 2016 Grammy Nominees

Alright! Kendrick Lamar racked up 11 Grammy nominations, which tops all nominees announced this morning. His critically acclaimed album, To Pimp A Butterfly, also sits atop many year end lists from publications including Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. The Weeknd and Taylor Swift both have 7 nominations. Congrats to Big Deal, ATO, and mtheory, whose artists were also nominated. Billboard has the full list. Read More

Pandora CEO: Music Shouldn't Be (Completely) Free

As Pandora preps to enter the on-demand streaming battle royale, CEO Brian McAndrews is taking jabs at the freemium business model espoused by Spotify and YouTube. In a recent op-ed in Business Insider, McAndrews explained the somewhat obvious challenges the transition from physical to digital has created for music companies. Years ago, if anyone could have walked into a record store, legally taken every record home for free, and listened to the exact songs they wanted for as long as they chose, the music industry model would have completely broken down. But that is exactly the situation the music industry Read More

Coldplay: To Stream or Not to Stream?

Coldplay out, too? Bloomberg reported yesterday that the British rock band hasn't said if its new album, A Head Full of Dreams, will be available on Spotify and Apple Music tomorrow. The news comes just a few weeks after Adele decided not to stream her latest, 25. This isn't a huge surprise from Coldplay. Both last year's Turn Blue and 2011's Mylo Xyloto weren't available to stream for the first few months after their release. Both singles on the upcoming release are currently streaming via Spotify and Apple Music, though Coldplay used a similar strategy with Turn Blue. Frontman Chris Read More

Drake Tops Spotify's 'Year in Music'

Drake's #1. That's according to Spotify's Year in Music, which was released today. The Canadian rap superstar is 2015's most streamed artist with 1.8 billion streams and 46 million listeners. Major Lazer's "Lean On" was the most streamed track of 2015. But that news shouldn't surprise anyone, seeing as it's the most streamed track in Spotify's history! Congrats again to mTheory and TMWRK! See the results below and listen to the winners here. GLOBAL RESULTS Top Five Global Artists Drake Ed Sheeran The Weeknd Maroon 5 Kanye West Top Five Global Males Drake Ed Sheeran The Weeknd Maroon 5 Read More

Adele's First Week Numbers

"25 Sold More than Twice the Combined Total of the Nos. 2-100 Titles on Top Album Sales Chart: 25 debuts at No. 1 on the Top Album Sales chart, and its enormous sales are more than double the rest of the chart combined. Nos. 2 (Justin Bieber’s Purpose, with 184,000) through 100 (the Descendants soundtrack, with 5,000) sold 1.48 million for the week." The numbers are in: 3.38m in the first week for Adele. Billboard's got the mind-boggling rundown of 25's record-breaking sales. Be sure to check out last week's discussion on what it all Read More

What Does The Success of 25 Mean?

Adele's third album 25 is shattering all sorts of records, and is now officially the most successful first week release of all time, selling 3 million copies in the US alone. This historic, irrefutable success is challenging conventional wisdom and fueling a tired, but fascinating conversation over the future of the recorded music business. The Adele camp's decision not to initially release 25 to streaming services has only intensified the discourse. Is there still a place for ownership and album sales in an increasingly access-driven streaming world? Or is Adele's 25 simply an outlier, the dying gasp of a moribund Read More
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