Downloading Files From Playlist Pages

Good news! We just made some improvements to what happens when someone chooses to download your playlist. How It Works: When you pitch or share a playlist with someone, you have the option of allowing the recipient to download the recordings from the playlist: When your recipient clicks the link you send and opens the playlist page, they'll be able to download individual recordings, or choose to Download All. If they choose the download any or all files, they'll be given the option of choosing their file types: Download MP3 Songspace automatically creates duplicate 192Kbps MP3 files from every recording Read More

Joe Conyers III, VP of Technology at Downtown Music, on Forward-Thinking Music Publishing

“Many companies in our space do not understand that data is their most important asset. They’re still using databases built in the 90’s.” In his role as VP of Technology at Downtown Music Publishing, Joe Conyers III works hard to make sure the publisher isn’t one of those companies. Downtown offers a wide range of services to a roster and catalog that includes John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Hans Zimmer, and Elle Goulding. Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap signed an innovative administrative deal with the publisher in December, which allows her to develop her new blockchain-inspired “fair-trade” music Read More

David Lowery leads $150 million class-action lawsuit against Spotify

Happy New Year? Last Tuesday, Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven frontman David Lowery jumpstarted the New Years Eve fireworks with a $150 million class action lawsuit against Spotify, claiming that the streaming service "knowingly, willingly and unlawfully reproduces and distributes copyrighted" music. That music includes songs written by Lowery, a known artist rights advocate, such as "Almond Grove", "Get On Down the Road", "King of Bakersfield", and "Tonight I Cross the Border." Statutory penalties can be as high as $150,000 per occurrence of willful infringement. Spotify responded that it is "Committed to paying songwriters and publishers every penny," but Read More

Shared With Me Updates

Shared With Me got a facelift for 2016! Many of you told us you wanted to use Shared With Me as an "Inbox" for new music. Thanks to your input, we re-imagined and made some changes, just released today. Shared With Me is now a place where you can preview all incoming music and decide whether or to add it to your catalog for future reference, or to discard it. Here's What's New 1) Now it’s easier to see who shared what. And when. 2) Playlist folders shared with you now appear in your Shared With Me list as Read More

ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews on Striking a New Deal With Pandora

"This agreement is good news for music fans and music creators, who are the heart and soul of ASCAP, and a sign of progress in our ongoing push for improved streaming payments for songwriters, composers and music publishers that reflect the immense value of our members’ creative contributions." That's ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews on striking a multi-year licensing deal with Pandora. BMI jointly announced they were entering a similar deal with the music service today as well. These deals continue to seemingly set Pandora up for on-demand streaming and potential international expansion. American Songwriter has the full story here. Read More

T Bone Burnett on the Value of Music in the "Brave New Digital World"

"Music is an important part of who we are, an indelible record of what we care about and how we live. And if we let that slip away — whether through legal gridlock, cultural apathy or technological drift — we will have lost something irreplaceable and fundamental to our lives." Read legendary singer, songwriter, producer and music supervisor T. Bone Burnett's Op-Ed in the Washington Post regarding the value of music in the "brave new digital world." Read More

Copyright Royalty Board Announces Ruling

Pay Up? The Copyright Royalty Board ruled yesterday that starting January 1, 2016, and effective through 2020, Pandora and other Internet radio stations must pay rights holders 17 cents per 100 plays of a song. That's an increase, albeit small, from the previous 14 cents per 100 plays. SoundExchange declared that "the rates set by the CRB do not reflect a market price for music and will erode the value of music in our economy." The digital rights organization was pushing to raise it to 25 cents per 100 plays. Pandora was hoping for a drop to 11 cents, though Read More

2015: The Year of Dave Cobb

"I think I moved here for the same reason everybody else is moving here now. I moved here because I felt like it's mecca for music. I've never lived in a city that had the energy, musically, that Nashville has. The fact that I could go out to any bar tonight and see something that's really badass — every night. There's so much to be discovered. There's so much to be found. I moved to Nashville because Chris Stapleton lived here, Sturgill lived here, Jason Isbell lived here. It's easy to connect when you're in the same neighborhood." Nashville's been good Read More

Steve Markland on Downtown Publishing's First Two Years In Nashville

“My strategy always starts with the songwriter and the song first. I try very hard to focus on developing a balanced roster of writers, including developing new writers, veteran writers, producer-writers, and developing artist-writers as well. I try to find that balance, and that adds a great synergy. It makes you a more versatile publisher.” It's been almost two years since Steve Markland set up Downtown Music Publishing's shop in Nashville as VP of A&R. In that short time, Downtown Nashville has signed Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Old Crow Medicine Show, and fashioned a multi-functional space that Read More
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