Introducing Folders

Organizing and sharing songs in Songspace just got way easier! Introducing Songspace folders, a simple way to keep track of groups of songs, share them with other Songspace users, and then pitch those songs to anyone in the world.

Creating a folder is easy.

There are two ways to add songs to a folder. You can drag single songs into folders.

Or you can select multiple songs to folders.

You can share folders with other Songspace users. That will give them access to edit and view those songs.

When a new song is added to a shared folder, it shows up at the top of their folder, like a new email in an inbox.

And finally, you can pitch folders to anyone.

They’ll get an email and will be able to listen to and view the songs like this:

Pretty nifty eh? Let us know if you have any questions.

  • The Songspace Team