How to Create and Share Awesome Playlists

It's time to get your playlist on.

One of the most magical moments for new Songspace users is when they realize how incredibly easy it is to put their catalog to work. Unlike Soundcloud, Box, or Dropbox, Songspace playlists are specifically designed for the music business.

When a music supervisor, A&R executive, or anyone else views your playlist, they can:

  • Easily stream songs and see who the artist and/or songwriters are.
  • Dig deeper to view song pages with alternate versions, videos, lyrics, splits, and business details.
  • Download mp3s that include metadata like album art, composers, lyrics, your contact information, and more -- all pulled in directly from the information on your Songspace song page.
  • Download hi-resolution versions, or alternate instrumental files, etc.

Let's get started. Here's how to create and share a Songspace playlist.

Step 1: Create a Folder and Add Songs

Create a folder from the + New menu in your catalog.

Then start dragging songs in to your folder, or add multiple at once, using the selector tool.

If you're a part of a business team, you can pull in songs from your parent catalog(s) the same way.

Step 2: Set the Order of Your Playlist

Once you've added the songs you want in the playlist to the folder, set the order.

Step 3: Add an image, description, and additional information.

Now add an image, description, and additional information about your playlist. This will show up in the header section of your playlist.

Now go to the 'Sharing' section of your folder and copy the type of link (downloads on or streaming-only) you'd like to use.

Paste the link and send it out. That's it!