Downloading Files From Playlist Pages

Good news! We just made some improvements to what happens when someone chooses to download your playlist.

How It Works:

When you pitch or share a playlist with someone, you have the option of allowing the recipient to download the recordings from the playlist:

When your recipient clicks the link you send and opens the playlist page, they'll be able to download individual recordings, or choose to Download All.

If they choose the download any or all files, they'll be given the option of choosing their file types:

Download MP3

Songspace automatically creates duplicate 192Kbps MP3 files from every recording file you upload. These files include relevant metadata (like Artist, Composer, etc.) pulled directly from your song project. When the recipient chooses this option, they will download these Songspace-generated files.

Downloaded Unconverted Files

These are the original files you uploaded to Songspace. When the recipient chooses this option, they'll download exactly what you originally uploaded.

If you've added high resolution files like WAVs or AIFFs, Download Unconverted Files gives your recipient the option of downloading them.

Download All

When your recipient clicks Download All, they'll have some additional options:

Include all available alternate recordings (instrumentals, mixes, etc.)

First, they can choose if they want to download alternate recordings. If they do so, any alternate recordings associated with each song pages will be included in the download.

This only includes recording files you've uploaded; Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube recordings can't be downloaded. This also won't include any recordings you've made private on the song project, only those that display on each song page.

Here's an example of a song page with alternate recordings:

What Happens Next?

Once your recipient makes their Download All choices, the files are prepped, zipped up, and then downloaded as a .zip file onto their hard drive.

When the user unzips the file, the result is a folder that contains the playlist's recordings.

Number prefixes are added to the files names, so they display in the same order as your playlist:

If they've chosen to download alternate recordings, they display in with numerical prefixes in sequential order as well:

Don't worry! These prefixes are only attached to the recording file names, not the title metadata. When you open them in iTunes they display without the prefix: