#DISCOVER | Wise Girl, Erinn Alissa Selkis, Micah & more

Every weekday we pick one Songspace artist/track to be the featured Daily Discovery on AmericanSongwriter.com. Below is the week of 8.4 - 8.8.14.

MONDAY, August 4

Name: Wise Girl
Song Title: "Don't Go"
Hometown: Long Beach, NY

Wise Girl is know for its quirky lyrics and polished sound. Wise Girl released the EP Sing Me to Sleep July 1. You can check it out on iTunes.

TUESDAY, August 5

Name: Erinn Alissa Selkis
Song Title: "Fairytale Ending"
Hometown: Albany, NY

Errin Selkis has a smooth pop sound that makes you listen and hum along. She has a new music video for her song "I'm Sorry" that came out in July.


Name: Micah
Song Title: "Just A Little Heartbreak"
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Micah has travelled the country sharing his life with the people who will listen. It is easy to get absorbed in his music, placing yourself in the life he so aptly describes.

THURSDAY, August 7

Name: The Command Sisters
Song Title: "Bad"
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Sister duo The Command Sisters have a haunting country sound complete with gorgeous harmonies and a sound so polished you would never believe that someone their age could have possibly recorded their music. They have made huge headway in the Canadian music scene and have been showcased at The Bluebird Cafe. They’re expecting to release an album sometime this year.

Friday, August 8

Name: Geoffrey Louis Koch
Song Title: "The Storm"
Hometown: St.Louis, MO

Geoffrey Koch is an indie pop artist that creates music that is both original and undeniably catchy. He just released his album Follow the Voices. He is currently touring the Midwest; check out his tour schedule here: http://www.geoffreylouiskoch.com/shows/