#DISCOVER | Mike Wojniak, Lauren Winans, The Holy Ghost Electric Show & More

Every weekday we pick one Songspace artist/track to be the featured Daily Discovery on AmericanSongwriter.com. Below is the week of 8.18 - 8.22.14.


Name: Mike Wojniak
Song Title: "Stone and The Sea"
Hometown: Columbus, OH

In January 2013, Wojniak left his Midwestern hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and settled in San Diego, California where he has been writing and performing ever since. Recently, Wojniak partnered with a new independent label, and after more than a decade of music making as an independent artist, Wojniak will release his third studio effort, Anima Mundi, through Golden Wave Records.


Name: Lauren Winans
Song Title: "Better at Breaking"
Hometown: Buckhannon, WV

There are some things independent pop singer and songwriter Lauren Winans is shy about, but her music isn’t one of them. When it comes to songwriting and singing, Lauren brings her energetic and sassy attitude to the forefront for all to hear.


Name: The Holy Ghost Electric Show
Song Title: "Tin Man"
Hometown: Corinth, MS

Depending on what you would imagine the sons of preachers playing rock music would sound like, HGES sounds exactly what you imagine…or nothing like it. Brothers Cody and Jake Rogers, Will Shirley, Connor Wroten, Austin Wheeler, and Jesse James have created by way of their debut, THE GREAT AMERICAN, an album that speaks well beyond their years.


Name: Hood Smoke
Song Title: "Never Suffering"
Hometown: Milawuakee, WI

Hood Smoke is an American pop/rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois, in 2010. The group consists of songwriter and bassist Bryan Doherty, lead singer Sarah Marie Young, guitarist Chris Siebold, keyboard player Rob Clearfield, and drummer Michael Caskey.


Name: Fire Mountain
Song Title: "Moving Target"
Hometown: Troy, AL

Effortlessly alternating between Southern slow-burners and folk-rock jams, Fire Mountain’s first full-length album, All Dies Down (This is American Music), propels the band into the forefront of Southern indie rock and roll music.