#DISCOVER | Natalia Zukerman, Bonsai, Adam & I, & MORE

Every weekday we pick one Songspace artist/track to be the featured Daily Discovery on AmericanSongwriter.com. Below is the week of 12.01 - 12.05.14.


Name: Natalia Zukerman
Song Title: "Come Thief"
Hometown: New York, NY

Natalia Zukerman grew up in New York City, studied art at Oberlin, worked in mural arts in San Francisco, began her songwriting career in Boston, and now resides, writes, plays and paints in Brooklyn, NY. Her new album (Come Thief, Come Fire) is out now.


Name: Bonsai
Song Title: "I Like You Man"
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Brooklyn based band, Bonsai, released their self-titled EP back in May. They are currently playing shows around New York City. Click HERE for a list of upcoming gigs!


Name: Adam & I
Song Title: "If I'm Taken"
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Adam & I are Adam & Andrea Melia, a fresh young duo from Nashville, TN. Capturing the unique energy of current americana styles, while giving a joyful nod to the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, Adam & I make music all their own. The duo formed in 2011 and in Fall of 2013, Adam & I recorded their first full-length album – Adam & I – which released on February 11, 2014.


Name: Abandon
Song Title: "Better"
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Acclaimed Dove Award-nominated modern rockers Abandon return with their first new recording in three years—Love Prevails—released November 4, 2014 on iTunes. Produced by Dove-nominated Geoff Duncan, Love Prevails features 10 songs written or co-written by the band.


Name: Rahim Quazi
Song Title: "The Things We Do"
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Rahim Quazi is currently recording his third solo album, Ghost Hunting, in Dallas, Texas. It's expected to be released in February 2015. Be sure to check out "The Things We Do" for a taste of what's to come.