#DISCOVER| Ellen Once Again, Aliza Carter Band, Justin Klump & more

Every weekday we pick one Songspace artist/track to be the featured Daily Discovery on AmericanSongwriter.com. Below is the week of 8.11 - 8.15.14.


Name: Ellen Once Again
Song Title: "I'm Feeling Lucky"
Hometown: Longview, TX

Ellen Once Again is an artist who expresses herself in a soulful pop sound that is both original and addictive. Her songs have been used by TV channels from ABC to TLC. “I’m Feeling Lucky” is the title song of her new EP, scheduled to be released sometime this year.

TUESDAY, August 12

Name: Aliza Carter Band
Song Title: "Foxtrails"
Hometown: Albany, NY

The Aliza Carter Band combines the sould of Memphis with the brilliant songwriting of Nashville to create a sound that is both soulful and melodic. They’re songwriting gives you the impression that you are chatting with them in your living room, allowing you to get to know them through their musical transparency.

Wednesday, August 13

Name: Justin Klump
Song Title: "The Night is Young"
Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Folk artist Justin Klump pursued his love of music to the top. His single “Sticks & Stones” reached number 9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts as well as receiving praise from a variety of music publications. He just released his single “The Night is Young” which you can buy here on iTunes.

Thursday, August 14

Name: Noel
Song Title: "I Won't Answer"
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Noel has spent his life recording and gigging throughout the United States. He released his debut album this year, I Won’t Answer, taking a leap forward in his solo career.

Friday, August 15

Name: Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound
Song Title: "Time in Bars"
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Arlo McKinley and Co. come from Cincinnati, Ohio. Having spent a few years fine tuning their sound, they released their debut album, titled Arlo Mckinley & the Lonesome Sound. The time taken to perfect the sound shows, so go ahead and buy it here.