#DISCOVER | Sarah Gayle Meech, Hayward Williams, Beware of Darkness & MORE

Monday: Sarah Gayle Meech, "Tennessee Love Song"

Name: Sarah Gayle Meech

Song Title: "Tennessee Love Song"

Hometown: Longview, WA

"Tennessee Love Song" is the title track to the new album featuring 15 songs all written by Sarah. Discover more about below!


Tuesday: Hayward Williams, "Helpless Hands"

Name: Hayward Williams

Song Title: "Helpless Hands"

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

“Helpless Hands” is one of many songs featured on Hayward Williams’ recently released album, The Reef. This album was live-tracked in one room, with each song captured in the course of only a few takes.


Wednesday: Beware of Darkness, "A Stranger Saved My Life"

Name: Beware of Darkness

Song Title: A Stranger Saved My Life

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

“A Stranger Saved My Life” is one of the six songs featured on the newly released mixtape Sanctuary Season. Check out a Q&A to learn more!


Thursday: Justine Dorsey, "Cliche"

Name: Justine Dorsey

Song Title: Cliche

Hometown: Orange County

Justine has been playing shows all over O.C. and L.A. and recently performed at The House of Blues in Hollywood. Read more about her below on Daily Discovery!


Friday: Kyle Stallons, "I Ain't Scared"

Name: Kyle Stallons

Song Title: "I Ain't Scared"

Hometown: Aledo, Texas

Kyle is currently working in the studios of Music Row as a musician and producer. Learn more about Kyle's influences below!