#Discover | Micah Walk, Darrin Bradbury, Emily Hackett & more

Every weekday we pick one Songspace artist/track to be the featured Daily Discovery on AmericanSongwriter.com. Below is the week of 6.9 - 6.13.14.

MONDAY, June 9

Name: Micah Walk
Song Title: "Heart of Hearts"
Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

TUESDAY, June 10

Name: Darrin Bradbury
Song Title: "Sophie's Got a Brand New Apartment"
Hometown: Nashville, TN


Name: Emily Hackett
Song Title: "Bad Weather"
Hometown: Nashville, TN

Emily Hackett's favorite concert experience was last year's Bonarro where she got to see Paul McCartney. Want to learn more about Emily's musical inspirations? Check out American Songwriter.


Name: Tom Cusimano
Song Title: "Should've Been Me"
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The one song Tom Cusimano (of the Walcotts) wished he had written is Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind." Learn more about Tom and the Walcotts on American Songwriter.

FRIDAY, June 13

Name: Leah Nobel
Song Title: "Ride The Butterfly"
Hometown: Austin, TX

Aside from pursuing her music, one of Leah's ambitions is to do voice work for cartoons. Learn more about Leah's musical and non-musical pursuits on American Songwriter.