#Discover | Anthony Mossburg, Brian Dale Allen Strouse, Ryan Fine & more

Every weekday we pick one Songspace artist/track to be the featured Daily Discovery on AmericanSongwriter.com. Below is the week of 7.14 - 7.18.14

MONDAY, July 14

Name: Anthony Mossburg
Song Title: "Whiskey & Wine"
Hometown: New Matamoras, OH

Anthony Mossburg has surfaced as a top singer/songwriter, and his self-titled album made it to the top ten of iTunes singer/songwriter chart. His favorite song lyric? “Come, show me what it is to be warm. Be my shelter, and I’ll be your storm.” -Ben Howard “The Fire” Find more of Anthony's favorites on American Songwriter.

TUESDAY, July 15

Name: Brian Dale Allen Strouse
Song Title: "Dreaming #26"
Hometown: New Hope, PA

Brian Dale Allen Strouse is a member of a band called The Lawsuits. Want to know what turns Brian on? His pet beagle! Find out other fun facts at American Songwriter.


Name: Ryan Fine
Song Title: "Subway Train"
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Ryan Fine is currently studying commerical music at Cincinatti College-Conservatory of Music. One of his goals is coming to Nashville to pursue his career! Find Ryan's other goals at American Songwriter.


Name: Eli Rhodes
Song Title: "Backroad Beer"
Hometown: Starr, SC

Eli Rhodes just released his EP Running on Jesus. According to him he knows so many crazy people he couldn't narrow it down to just one! Check out other crazy things about Eli on American Songwriter.

FRIDAY, July 18

Name: Jodee Lewis
Song Title: "O, Mother"
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Jodee balances her life between pursuing her passion for music and raising her kids. Her dream gig? To play at the Opry with Merle Haggard! Find out Jodee's other dreams on American Songwriter.