#DISCOVER | Kiki Rowe, Emily Hearn, Hanna Rae & MORE

Monday: Kiki Rowe, "Demolition"

Name: Kiki Rowe
Song Title: "Demolition"
Hometown: Mississauga, Canada

Keandra Shan Lal is a singer/songwriter who is more affectionately known to her fans as Kiki Rowe. Kiki has been pursuing her career in Pop/R&B music in a desire to create something special. How could you not when you have Bill Murray in one of your music videos?

Don't miss out on Kiki's soulful single, "Demolition"!


Tuesday: Emily Hearn, "Volcano"

Name: Emily Hearn
Song Title: "Volcano"
Hometown: Athens, GA

Emily Hearn does something very well that many musicians aspire to accomplish through their music; connect with people. She does this in a way for others to find common ground in her lyrics and delivery. Emily's single, "Volcano" does just that.

Be sure to check her out below!


Wednesday: Hanna Rae, "Alabama"

Name: Hanna Rae
Song Title: "Alabama"
Hometown: Staunton, VA

For anyone that has an ear for indie/folk music it's quite apparent that Hanna Rae knows what she's doing. Her single, "Alabama" is full of spirit, lush melodies, and warm feelings. Be sure to check out her debut EP, Rookie In The Ring set to be released February 24. Pre-order is now available on iTunes!

Click the link below to listen!


Thursday: Oginalii, "Happiness"

Name: Oginalii
Song Title: "Happiness"
Hometown: Canton, GA

From its conception, Oginalii was started between two friends ("Oginalii meaning "my friend" in Cherokee). Now Oginalii consists of a group of 5 friends, all with unique musical talents and styles, playing together to create what others call an indie, psychedelic, native rock sound.

Enjoy the friendly, native sounds of Oginalii.


Friday: Shelby Lee Lowe, "Slow Dancing"

Name: Shelby Lee Lowe
Song Title: "Slow Dancing"
Hometown: Lewisburg, TN

In the new age of country music, there are few artists that still draw inspiration from the genre's traditional roots. Not only is Shelby Lee Lowe inspired by the great legends of country music past but also influenced by southern rock, blues and R&B. Shelby Lee Lowe is a country singer, songwriter and rising star in the world of country music.

Grab your special someone and slow dance to Shelby's single below!

[American Songwriter url HERE]