August 2016 Product Improvements

Released 8/4/16 New Features Music Maestro Template CSV Export [BETA] Released 8/22/16 New Features Our new features all deal with the songs and playlists that you're sharing and pitching. You now have more control and can work more efficiently by setting defaults and preferences in your account settings. Disabling converted MP3 Downloads is for PRO & Business Users Only. Default Images for Songs and Playlists Default Playlist Contact Information Disable Converted MP3 Downloads Display Contact Information for Pitches Style / Other Improvements Crop your Profile, Song and Playlist Folder Images with the new Image Cropping Tool Improved Read More

The Bulk Editor Got A Facelift

The Bulk Editor is looking a little prettier these days. You'll notice the Song and File Bulk Editors both have a new style, but that's not all. Here's what you'll notice about the new and improved Bulk Editor. Song Bulk Editor The Song Bulk Editor allows users to make changes to all selected songs or individual songs. How to Open the Song Bulk Editor Select multiple songs on your Catalog page Click the Edit pencil icon. Song Bulk Editor Features Songwriters: The Songwriters section of the Song Bulk Editor is no longer under construction! No more going through song projects Read More
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