3 Ways To Get the Most From the New Songspace App


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Version 1 of the new Songspace app is out! Here are some way artists and business teams across the country are getting the most out of it.

1) Search Your Catalog

You catalog is completely searchable on mobile by song title, lyrics, tags, and genres.

How it works:
  • Open the catalog or folder you want to search within.
  • Start typing, and then press 'Search.'
  • Results will appear.

2) Listen to playlists on the go

Folders and playlists are mobile too, which means you can listen from anywhere.

How it works:
  • Open a playlist folder from 'My Songs.'
  • Press play.
  • Listen 'till your heart and ears are content.

3) Share any song, anytime, anywhere.

It's easy to send a private link to any song in your catalog.

How it works:
  • Find the song you want to share.
  • Tap the 'Share' button above the lyrics area.
  • Tap 'Share a link' and choose your method.